2016 Session Starting August 1 – Day 3

Hi All,

Wednesday had a bit of everything.  Swimming (of course) and lots of sailing on a perfectly gorgeous day.  Steady winds of 6-8 knots straight out of the East, so lots of reaching along the town coastline.  For the first sail of the day all four SailCubes made a trip from Heron Harbor to the City Marina, location of the Promenade Grill and ice-cream as a reward for the trip.  Lots of practice sailing off of the lighthouse and the city promenade followed… many pictures taken by onlookers and questions as to what they were seeing.  The youngest sailors, ages 8 and 9 have really mastered their tacks and downwind sailing.

The day continued with a knot tying exercise in which all the students mastered 4 knots… bowline, square, figure 8, and cleat tie-up.  The students took a fun written test to check their understanding of all they had learned to-date… with all registering “above average” results!  The final sail of the day started with a capsizing exercise in which every student capsized their boat and recovered it by pulling down on the dagger board.


More fun on-the-water exercises planned for tomorrow… come on out to Heron Harbor to watch the sailing.  Sailing typically occurs after about 10 am and again after 1 pm.


Rick McGregor