2016 Session Starting August 1 – Days 4 and Day 5



Today we had a wonderful finish and a wonderful word of recognition from the mayor.  We definitely finished the week strongly… lots of sailing on Thursday and Friday…to the train bridge, to “G” and weather station marks, short tack drills, and a lunch stop at the willow tree at Tidewater marina. Also had other fun… sponge and shaving cream wars on the water, paddle races using the hulls and poles, and lots of swimming and “Marco-Polo”.

Anyone seeing the sailors on day 5 would hardly believe these kids only started sailing 5 days earlier.   All the sailors received Certificates of Completion at the graduation ceremony.  It was time to say goodbye to our most special instructors.  When asked if they would like to continue sailing, every child gave an enthusiastic “YES”.

This pilot program was a resounding success, in fact exceeded our highest expectations.  We have our work cut out for us.  A full scale summer program will be implemented next year.   We see that we can use more boats and resources, but we have a formula for success.  Then there is the reward, there was no question that we had a most positive impact on every one of the kids…

Rick McGregor