2016 Session Starting August 1 – Day 1

Havre de Grace Youth Sailing – 2016 Session Starting August 1 – Day 1

Hi all,

This is an historic day for Havre de Grace!… today we initiated our first day of instruction for the Havre de Grace Youth Sailing Program. This new non-profit was a few years in the making but we can all be proud that it has gotten a great start.

As you may know, we have 4 new Sailcubes plus one donated Optimist sailboat.  The 5-day pilot program was initiated with 5 participants, ages 8 to 12.  We brought in two very experienced, licensed, and capable instructors. After our first day, judging from the smiles of everyone involved, we can be optimistic for the future success.

We will provide a comprehensive program review after conclusion of this class.  With the knowledge gained and the model tested, we will pursue the youth sailing program in earnest in the spring of 2017.

There will be many more thank yous in the coming months, but special recognition goes to those who brought the program along thus far…the HdG Yacht Club as partner,  the fantastic Heron Harbor marina and facilities, to the many contributors of time and to some special friends at Southern Yacht Club New Orleans for their donation of the Opti and much support and direction.


Rick McGregor