It’s Time To Make a Change in Our Community

The beautiful early warm weather has gotten me to thinking.  When is the right time to be an agent of change?  Well, I’m hoping it will be today for me.

Last year our youth sailing program served some campers who had never enjoyed actually being on the upper bay water.  Does this strike you as simply unexpected or as an opportunity for community change?  Our initial steps to prepare for the 2017 season are underway. Mayor Martin, his staff and city council are giving their support for a change which may enable hosting HdG youth sailing campers at  Hutchins Park.  One of our community supporters convinced his employer that a seldom used corporate asset would make a perfect chase/instructional boat donation for the youth sailing program.  Now we have a major change to our safety program in hand.  Last year we got a significant donation to help build our boat fleet to meet program needs.  We just spent a piece of this donation on a high quality used Optimist dinghy allowing us to accept one more beginning sailor to each of our instructional sessions.

We need your help to continue these changes.  You can volunteer your time and energy to change our instruction or organizational capability.  Please contact us and let us know you are available.  You can make a donation to help operate the program, to build the scholarship fund or to increase the capital fund.  Please visit our donation page to do so. We need your help today.  You can help us enroll students that will change both our community and the life skills of the camper.

Change is in your hands.