Who We Are:

Havre de Grace Youth Sailing Program Inc  is a 501 (c)(3) community oriented charitable organization, We offer maritime safety instruction, basic introductory through competitive dinghy sailing instruction, and access to on the water personal development, confidence,  and character building opportunities for youth in greater Harford County on the Upper Chesapeake Bay.

We are operate from the Havre de Grace waterfront at the mouth of the Susquehanna River.  We sail these waters from mid-June through mid-August.  We provide on and off the water special events to encourage interest, develop community engagement and educational advancement. Our programs are available to the entire community and we promote active outreach to make this happen.


To be a preeminent youth sailing instructional program serving all interested young people ages 7-18.

Mission Statement: 

Develop youth sailors on the Upper Chesapeake Bay using recreational and competitive dinghy sailing as an educational platform to build character and confidence and to teach water/boating safety, boat handling, maritime skills, local nautical history and environmental responsibility.


2016 – Inaugural single week-long session which taught 6 kids using leased MacLaughlin SailCube Opti style trainers.

2017 – First full seven session season program sailing from Hutchins Park through cooperation with the Municipality of Havre de Grace. A total of 59 kids were taught using US Sailing Certified Instructors under Maryland oversight as a day camp using SailCubes and Optimist prams.

2018 – Second seven session season program from Hutchins Park also using donated access to commercial space adjacent to the park for boat storage and maintenance. The Municipality of Havre de Grace improved Hutchins Park docks for our program as well as other water front recreational activities. We taught 138 campers and awarded scholarship support to 19 campers from donations provided for that purpose. The instructional fleet now includes Lasers, Club 420’s, Hunter Xcites, Optis, and SailCubes.

2019 – Third seven session season program using the same venue as prior years. We served 163 campers and awarded various levels of scholarships to 24 campers. We started a performance sailing program centered around the C420’s and Lasers which competed in buoy course racing with the local Lightning fleet.