Fundraising, Donations & Recognition

Fundraising is the critical activity allowing us to raise broad community awareness of the benefits of what we do as well as provide the means for us to do it.  Fundraising is the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization and accounts for most of the income needed to survive.  Fundraising should be transparent to our donor partners and in good balance with the stated needs of the organization.  Our current fiscal year ends on December 31, 2018.   Our last year’s Statement of Financial Activity (Income/Expense Statement), Statement of Financial Position ( Balance Sheet) and IRS Form 990 will be available shortly online ( For HdG Youth Sailing Program Inc) or by written request made to:

Accounting - Havre de Grace Youths Sailing Program Inc
329 Bounding Home Ct
Havre De Grace, MD 21078

Part of the fundraising process is to establish an action plan setting financial and goals and detailing how we intend to meet these goals. We have two Havre de Grace Youth Sailing Program Inc fundraising goals for this year:

  • Scholarship goal is $9,000 based on serving 30 students throughout 7 week long instructional sessions;
  • Capital goal is $15,000 based on the need for fleet boats, launching dollies, and chase/safety boats.

We rely on several methods for raising money:

  • fees for service from the enrolled students;
  • hosting events and fundraising drives;
  • partnerships with HdG and Harford County government agencies;
  • grants from donor foundations with common interests;
  • soliciting from local business stakeholders;
  • soliciting electronically through this website and our Facebook page;
  • revenue shares,
  • special initiatives.

Please review our detail pages outlining the procedure to donate and thank you for your generosity in support of our sailors.